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Johnson Falls Day Trip jeradphelps  


Posted 09/17/2013

Distance 6.23 miles

Taken 09/02/2013 - 09/02/2013

Difficulty Beginner

Entries & Exits 62 - Clearwater Lake (overnight)

If you're passing through the western side of the Northeastern unit of the Boundary Waters, Johnson Falls is a great day trip to take.  Travel time to the falls from Clearwater Lake might take 2 to 3 hours at a leisurely pace, so start early to leave time to relax while you're at the falls.  

On the west end of Pine Lake there is a portage to Canoe Lake.  Land at this portage, but take the small trail that heads straight West.  This will follow alongside the river for 15 minutes or so until you run into Johnson falls. 

A few things worth noting:

  • If you're coming from Little Caribou, portage your canoe to Pine lake.  Depending on what brand of map you have, it might look like you won't need it, but you do.  There is a trail that goes from the end of the Little Caribou portage to the main Johnson Falls trail, but it is wet, hard to follow, and you have to cross the river at the end.  You're much better off canoeing to the Canoe Lake portage and starting your hike to the Falls from there.
  • Don't miss the upper falls!  As you walk along the trail, you'll hit the lower falls first.  If you keep going, there is another waterfall that is equally as beautiful as the lower falls.
  • Bring your Swimming gear!  The falls have swimming pools below them that are lots of fun. 

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