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A Sausage and Biscuit Egg Bake is one of my favorite breakfasts to make in the boundary waters. This warm meal is perfect for a cold morning and goes great with a cup of coffee...or ten. I recommend making this on a layover day because it can take up to an hour with prep time. I fed a group of six very hungry adults with the recipe.

Packing for a canoe trip can be intimidating! Whether you've been the bwca or not, it helps to work off of a list.

Packing light isn't exactly my thing. I always forget how much camping gear I actually have until I start to put everything together. With so much stuff required for a great time out in the bwca, it is pretty easy to forget something. Over the past few years I’ve been constantly refining the list I use to put everything together. I think it is pretty much complete, so I thought I'd share it.

Welcome! jeradphelps 05/26/2013 read

I built Canoe Journal to satisfy the needs of BWCA nerds like myself. Basically, it is a site that allows you to plan and share your Boundary Waters canoe trips with your friends and family. When you can’t be there, pretend to be by living vicariously through other people's trips. Or, better yet, collaborate on a plan for your next trip with your friends!